Our History

"Erecon was inaugurated as a construction firm in 1983. Partly owned by Eng Hoe Engineering then, Erecon was thrown into the deep end as she faces the uncertain econmic sentiments as so did the construction industry. Despite major restructuring effort within the corporate structure in an attempt to salvage the situation, profits continue into the red and a resolution to let Erecon go into hibernation was hatched. The light at the end of the tunnel appear when a new management led by Mr Seah Eng Sam, revived Erecon in Year 1985. Profits climbed steadily as the new team painstakingly rebuild Erecon, brick by brick, one tiny step at a time.

Erecon fairytale rise from the bottom was no mere miracle. Today, with an annual turnover of over SGD 30 Million. Erecon has firmly entrenched itself as a hallmark of reliability and sincerity in delivering high quality projects for all its clients. As a testament to Erecon foothold within the industry, she was accredited the prestigious Occupational Health & Safety Skills (OHSAS : 18001) awards in 2007, ISO 9001:2008 accreditation in 2009 and the Bizsafe star status in 2011 in recognition of her effort in workplace and health safety for employees. In addition to the above 3 awards, Erecon achieved another new milestone in getting accredited with ISO 14001 in 2012 and is currently undergoing a round of organisation to integrate all 3 ISOs and OHSAS awards into one completed management system to serve our clients better. In the years ahead, Erecon promises in continuing to strive for excellence and reach even greater heights."